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Central Heating Health Check

To make sure your central heating is as efficient as possible we offer a Central Heating Health Check.

This Health Check includes:

  • Full service of your boiler
  • Servicing certificate
  • Water sample analysis
  • Thermal imaging of your radiators

A water sample is taken from your radiators and sent to a laboratory where it will be analysed for levels of corrosion and sludge. This corrosion and sludge occurs in heating systems which have not been properly maintained and can cause damage to your boiler and radiators.

Thermal imaging shows how well (or poorly) your radiators are performing by showing exactly where the problems lie within by providing a photograph showing any ‘cold spots’ caused by a build up of sludge and corrosion within your heating system. You will be provided with a full report detailing the water sample results and copies of the thermal images alongside any recommendations we may make in relation to maintaining or improving your heating system. Take a look at a sample report here.

This Health Check is ideal for customers looking to make sure that they are getting the most for their money when it comes to their heating and hot water. It is also a great idea for people who are looking to purchase a property and want to make sure that there will be no major surprises after completion.

Contact us for more information – we’ll be happy to advise.

Download a example copy off our report »

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